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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates nearly 196,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. According to the VA CHALENG (Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Groups) Report, approximately 400,000 veterans experience homelessness during the year, as well as 22 veterans committing suicide each day. What Services do Veterans Need? Homeless Veterans need a coordinated effort that provides secure housing, nutritional meals, physical health care, substance abuse aftercare and mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Homeless veterans also need job assessment, training and placement assistance. CVF strongly believes all programs to assist Combat veterans must focus on helping veterans reach their highest level of education and independence.   

Combat Veteran Foundation will provide a wide variety of these services as well as many more. While our housing may not be immediate we will provide ALL other services from 134 Pinecrest Road, North Carolina until funds are acquired and accepted to begin building. All of our services we will offer are but not limited to:

*All administrative paper work to get the Combat Veteran his VA disability rating, compensation, benefits,       Federal Social Security Disability as well as any other benefits they are due. 


*To make sure all medical, dental and vision needs are meet by getting those appointments and making sure   they have a way there either by us or another means of transportation.

*To make sure they have all physiological evaluations needed and done.

*Provide transportation to any appointments necessary.

*To help get education so they can go back to work if allowed.

*A housing facility is in planes to provide any combat veteran to have a place to live until they can get on        their feet to provide for themselves, we will also be helping them to purchase their own home, helping to    eliminate the homeless veterans we have.

*A Transitional housing facility is in the plans for the combat veteran who has certain legal needs.

*To provide any legal help be it an attorney or to help be released from incarceration and place in our    housing until all issues are taken care if and the veteran can provide for self


Initially we will bring the Combat Veteran to our office to do all paperwork necessary and to any VA facility to make sure they receive there rating and all benefits they should be receiving. Also we provide all Combat Veterans transportation to and from any and all appointments that they need as well as to get done any errands they may have. We are here to support and help in any way. As our Foundation grows we plan to be able to give the Combat Veteran a vehicle of their own. 



At present we do not have our own housing facility yet. We will help our Combat Veterans find a safe environment to stay until funds are acquired, accepted and we begin building. There will be a Transitional house for the combat veteran who needs special housing due to incarceration and or probation. As well as three 12 unit studio apartment complexes for the combat veteran who is homeless or needs a place to stay. While they are in our facilities we will be working on getting them their own home. There will also be a low income rent resort style apartment complex. We want to help stop the epidemic of the homeless Veteran's and make sure they are well taken care of the way they deserve .Our Combat Veterans deserve the very best as they have put their lives before ours.

There is never a charge for our service, We want to thank all Veterans for your service!!

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